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Tomato Hornworm or Manduca quinquemaculata f3.5, ISO100, 1/100sec Geotagged,Manduca quinquemaculata,Tomato Horn Worm,Tomato hornworm,United States Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Despite being large, looks easy to miss. Posted one month ago
    1. They have perfect color match of the bush they feed on. Posted one month ago
  2. Amazing camouflage Posted one month ago
    1. And they always look well fed. Posted one month ago

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The five-spotted hawkmoth is a brown and gray hawk moth of the Sphingidae family. The caterpillar, often referred to as the tomato hornworm, can be a major pest in gardens.

Similar species: Moths And Butterflies
Species identified by William Bodine
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By William Bodine

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Uploaded Feb 8, 2023. Captured in 2863 E Fountain St, Mesa, AZ 85213, USA.