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Red-and-white Spinetail (Certhiaxis mustelinus) Santa María de Fátima, Loreto, Peru. Nov 21, 2022 Certhiaxis mustelinus,Geotagged,Peru,Red-and-white spinetail,Spring Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

Red-and-white Spinetail (Certhiaxis mustelinus)

Santa María de Fátima, Loreto, Peru. Nov 21, 2022

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  1. Very beautiful species and great shot! Posted 7 days ago
    1. Thanks Ferdy! Posted 7 days ago
  2. Nice, Thibaud! Those are not easy to photograph! Posted 7 days ago
    1. Yes I'd had a very frustrating encounter with them in Puerto Nariño, but I struck gold at that spot. Two pairs in very open shrubby vegetation, even venturing out onto the exposed mud right by the river! Posted 7 days ago
      1. Yep, I've only seen them once near Puerto Nariño, but the morning was wet and foggy and I'm not sure if I got anything good to share for this one. They're very chatty, but they don't sit still for long and it's an extra challenge because have the movement of the boat to deal with, as well.

        You did a great job here.
        Posted 7 days ago
        1. My experience was very similar! Here I lucked out in that I was able to walk along the muddy river edge, which made things a lot easier.. Posted 6 days ago
          1. That would be much better. Photographing from a boat is so challenging; even worse on pelagics!
            Posted 6 days ago
            1. For sure! Still, I love pelagics, definitely want to go on at least one outing this year. Fingers crossed! Posted 6 days ago
  3. Lovely colours, great capture! Posted 4 days ago
    1. Thanks! Posted 4 days ago

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The red-and-white spinetail is a species of bird in the family Furnariidae, the ovenbirds. It is found in the Amazon Basin of Brazil and Peru; also the southern Amazon River border of Colombia and the headwaters of the Madeira River in Bolivia.

Similar species: Passerines
Species identified by Thibaud Aronson
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By Thibaud Aronson

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Uploaded Jan 19, 2023. Captured Nov 21, 2022 07:11 in 9VF8+55 Barrio Florido, Peru.
  • Canon EOS R6
  • f/10.0
  • 1/800s
  • ISO5000
  • 500mm