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Greylag Geese - Anser anser Seen in the sea between Iona and Mull Islands, Scotland. Anser anser,Geotagged,Greylag goose,Spring,United Kingdom Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Greylag Geese - Anser anser

Seen in the sea between Iona and Mull Islands, Scotland.

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  1. Lovely, espcially against that colour of water. Posted 8 days ago
    1. Yes! I did not expect to find such a large flock in the sea and teh colors were very nice indeed! Posted 7 days ago
      1. I thought at first the colour to be more similar to the oceans down here in Australia, I never imagined such colours up north there in Scotland (even though I'm British born).....but then I thought about the proximity of Iona to Iceland, and I've seen some staggering images/footage from there of the black sands contrasting with a turquoise sea. Posted 7 days ago
        1. I think it could be because of the proximity between Iona and Mull in the area where I amde the picture and the rocky shoreline. I am also sued to see a more grey color of the Atlantic here in Belgium and I always miss my Mediterranean Sea (I am Spanish native) with its very blue waters. But in Scotland it was indeed a different color and the shoreline was very beautiful. Posted 5 days ago, modified 5 days ago

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The greylag goose is a bird with a wide range in the Old World. It is the type species of the genus ''Anser''.

Similar species: Ducks, Geese, Etc.
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Uploaded Nov 24, 2021. Captured Jun 18, 2013 16:32 in 8PMM+XQ Eorabus, Isle of Mull, UK.
  • SP-820UZ
  • f/5.7
  • 10/3200s
  • ISO80
  • 108.1mm