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Arrow leaf Sida - Sida rhombifolia  Arrowleaf sida,Australia,Geotagged,Sida rhombifolia Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

Arrow leaf Sida - Sida rhombifolia

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  1. You are 2 species away from having 800 species intros! Just saying... ;) Posted 22 days ago, modified 22 days ago
  2. Amazing! These grow wild on a lot of people's lawns here in Trinidad Posted 21 days ago
  3. Thank you Wesley and yes it is a very useful plant . It has medicinal properties and can be used in many ways. Posted 18 days ago

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''Sida rhombifolia'' is a perennial or sometimes annual plant in the Family Malvaceae, native to the New World tropics and subtropics. Other common names include rhombus-leaved sida, Paddy's lucerne, jelly leaf, and also somewhat confusingly as Cuban jute, Queensland-hemp, and Indian hemp . Synonyms include ''Malva rhombifolia''. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine, where it is known as kurumthotti.

Similar species: Malvales
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Uploaded Nov 14, 2021. Captured in Myall River Camp, 341 Mungo Brush Rd, Hawks Nest NSW 2324, Australia.