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caterpillar found on a nice walk through the woods Pyrrharctia isabella,caterpillar Click/tap to enlarge Country intro


found on a nice walk through the woods

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  1. Looks like the Pyrrharctia isabella:

    Furry caterpillar Caterpillar, Ontario, Canada Pyrrharctia isabella,caterpillar
    Posted 5 years ago

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The moth ''Pyrrharctia isabella'' is known by different common names during its two main life stages. The adult is the Isabella Tiger Moth and the larva is called the Banded Woolly Bear. The larvae of many species of Arctiid moths are called "woolly bears" because of their long, thick, furlike setae.

The insect can be found in many cold regions, including the Arctic. The banded Woolly Bear larva emerges from the egg in the fall and overwinters in its caterpillar form, when it literally.. more

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Uploaded Oct 5, 2013. Captured Oct 5, 2013 12:43.
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