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Neon cuckoo bee, Thyreus nitidulus "sucking nectar on the Zinnia flower"  Geotagged,Indonesia,Neon cuckoo bee,Thyreus caeruleopunctatus,Thyreus nitidulus,Winter Click/tap to enlarge

Neon cuckoo bee, Thyreus nitidulus "sucking nectar on the Zinnia flower"

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  1. Isn't this Thyreus nitidulus? I only ask because you have shared that species previously. Also, Thyreus caeruleopunctatus appears to be an Australian species, no? Posted 2 months ago, modified 2 months ago
    1. Not sure. When I was in Perth few years ago I found so many similar insects in Western Australia to those found in Indonesia. For me, European peoples can live in Asia n Asian peoples can live in America so hows about animal, insects n plants. There are so many flowers according to Wikipedia are species/originally comes from Brazail /Latin America but obiviously are also found in the bushes around hill side of my backyards in West Java, Indonesia, Please feel free to correct the above mentioned title if you think is wrong.

      As not an entomolog, I just think that maybe when an insect was first discovered by a scientist and claimed to be a European/American/Australian species or elsewhere, but actually these insects also live in other places but have not been identified. Perhaps I am wrong hihihihi.
      Posted 2 months ago
      1. I agree. Species' distributions fluctuate and change over time. Not to mention that many species are under-recorded online. A species might live in an area, but has not been documented yet. Posted 2 months ago

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''Thyreus nitidulus'', commonly known as the neon cuckoo bee, is a parasitic bee of the genus ''Thyreus'', called cuckoo bees. It is a stocky bee, notable for its brilliant metallic blue- and black-banded colors.

Species identified by Claire Hamilton
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Uploaded Sep 21, 2021. Captured Aug 23, 2021 12:35 in Jl. Palasari No.15, RT.34/RW.14, Sundawenang, Kec. Parung Kuda, Sukabumi Regency, Jawa Barat 43357, Indonesia.
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  • f/10.0
  • 1/512s
  • ISO800
  • 100mm