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Chrysotropia ciliata - Larva having lunch Another species "pulling a Vlad" ;o) Chrysopidae,Chrysotropia,Chrysotropia ciliata,Geotagged,Green Lacewing,Lacewing,Larva,Netherlands,Neuroptera,nl: Franjegaasvlieg Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Killer shot! So, so cool. Posted one year ago
    1. Literally :o) Posted one year ago
  2. The cruelty continues. There's even tears coming out of the aphid! Posted one year ago
    1. Crying it's *ss off ;o)
      I thought this shot constitutes special levels of proof, considering all the skeletons of previous victims on Vlad's back!
      Posted one year ago
      1. I was so angry that I didn't even consider that! Posted one year ago

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Chrysotropia ciliata (Wesmael, 1841) is a species of "Green Lacewing" (family Chrysopidae). The scientific name (ciliata) refers to the long hairs set on the costal vein at the front of the wings. The larvae of this species are of the debris carrying kind, a feature shared with a few other genera but the larvae of Ch. ciliata cover (almost) their entire body with debris, whereas the larvae of Pseudomallada for example only cover roughly the rear half.

Similar species: Net-winged Insects
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Public Domain
Uploaded Aug 10, 2021. Captured in Hoofdweg 30, 9621 AL Slochteren, Netherlands.