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Noctua pronuba Just making sure it's not missing in this year's list ;o) Jane's garden,Large yellow underwing,Moth,Moth Week 2021,Noctua,Noctua pronuba,nl: Huismoeder Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Very oblong Posted one year ago
    1. Yup, shame they usually rest like this and thus hiding the colourful hind wings:
      A “Large Yellow Underwing Moth”. This fellow was sitting on the ashes of the studio stove when I opened the stove door to start a fire for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately it was not alive. I carefully removed it to a place that had more light to take the photo. I was surprised at how perfectly preserved it was. Canada,Fall,Geotagged,Large yellow underwing,Noctua pronuba
      Posted one year ago, modified one year ago

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The large yellow underwing is a moth, the type species for the family Noctuidae. It is an abundant species throughout the Palearctic ecozone, one of the most common and most familiar moths of the region. In some years the species is highly migratory with large numbers appearing suddenly in marginal parts of the range.

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