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locust I am not 100% on the species identification but it is a real big beastie at around 7cm long!<br />
 Geotagged,Leprous grasshopper,Migratory locust,Phymateus leprosus,South Africa Click/tap to enlarge Promoted


I am not 100% on the species identification but it is a real big beastie at around 7cm long!

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  1. Wow, great colors! Posted 7 years ago
  2. Awesome species, very sharp, beautiful...homepage material again. Posted 7 years ago
  3. Although some identify it as Phymateus viridipes

    I would rather bet on Phymateus leprosus - Toxic Milkweed Grasshopper

    The nymphs you had posted earlier are of the same species
    Locust nymphs I stumbled accross these little fellas near my home, they have been on the same plant for several days now. They group together in large colonies and use the plant for camouflage. However, if you approach them too quickly...they scatter Geotagged,Leprous grasshopper,Phymateus leprosus,South Africa,Spring,grasshoppers,insects,locust,south africa

    There is no wiki page so here's some information about it.
    The bushhopper Phymateus leprosus (Fabricius) in the field shows a special appetite for the milkweed Asclepias fruticosa. Asclepiadaceae, like Apocynaceae and Scrophulariaceae, contain cardiac glycosides. Raw and purified extracts of these plants phagostimulate larval and adult P. leprosus.
    Posted 7 years ago, modified 7 years ago
    1. Wow, you really know your insects! Thank you for that and I totally agree with you. As wiki does not have a listing for leprosus I shall leave it as it is, better than no specie at all!
      Thanks again!!!
      Posted 7 years ago
      1. Well, not really... I am just starting to explore them, but I do spend a lot of time searching :) Posted 7 years ago, modified 7 years ago
      2. Species created. Posted 6 years ago
        1. Thanks Wildflower, I had completely forgotten about this one! Posted 6 years ago
    2. Amazing ID, WF, well done! Posted 7 years ago
      1. Thanks, Ludo, I'm doing my best! Posted 7 years ago
  4. This kinda shot with a 400mm zoom, I would be on my knees and up close and personal for this one:) I want a 400mm too:) Posted 7 years ago
  5. If I had the lens to get up into his face believe me I would have! I am sure I could have got some great shots. I am saving!! Posted 7 years ago
    1. The question is whether the hopper would have approved it ;) Posted 7 years ago
      1. Damned thing was around again today, even let me get close enough to touch it. Tomorrow I am taking a wide angle lens and hope he hasn't 'hopped' it! Oh I wish I had a macro! Posted 7 years ago

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The leprous grasshopper (Phymateus leprosus) is an African species of toxic milkweed grasshopper that gives out an unpleasant protective foam when disturbed.

Similar species: Grasshoppers And Crickets
Species identified by WildFlower
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By Claire Hamilton

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Uploaded Jul 25, 2013. Captured Jul 21, 2013 14:29 in N2, South Africa.
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • f/5.6
  • 1/4096s
  • ISO1000
  • 400mm