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Hylobius abietis - 3 angles Old collage, mostly just to add a dorsal and ventral view of this species  Curculionidae,Curculionoidea,Geotagged,Hylobius,Hylobius abietis,Large pine weevil,Molytinae,Netherlands,nl: Grote dennensnuitkever Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Great capture Posted one year ago
    1. Thanks Niel, old stuff (2013-ish?) but still acceptable ;o) Posted one year ago
  2. Looks like a wrestling match in progress. One seems already knocked out. Sorry ARP, I just realised that it is a montage. Posted one year ago, modified one year ago
    1. ARP in all Capital, not intended. Posted one year ago
    2. I see what you mean though *lol*
      The all capital thingy is usually auto "correction", especially on Apple iPads/iPhones etc. There are numerous abbreviations spelled ARP, so thereyago ... happens all the time ;o)
      Posted one year ago

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''Hylobius abietis'' or the large pine weevilis a beetle belonging from Curculionidae. This species is regarded as the most important pest of conifer seedlings planted after clear felling throughout Europe especially in countries which use this way of forest management. The weevils cause damage by eating the bark of seedlings thus preventing its further growth, or even killing them.

Similar species: Beetles
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By Pudding4brains

Public Domain
Uploaded May 15, 2021. Captured in Junnerweg, 7731 Ommen, Netherlands.