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South American Fer-de-Lance (Bothrops atrox) PNYC - Pampa Pescado, Pasco, Peru. Oct 15, 2020 Bothrops atrox,Geotagged,Peru,South American Fer-de-Lance,Spring Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

South American Fer-de-Lance (Bothrops atrox)

PNYC - Pampa Pescado, Pasco, Peru. Oct 15, 2020

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  1. That night I woke up to a growling hoot right above my tent - a Crested Owl! I scrambled to get dressed, grab my camera, binoculars, and lights, but by the time I got out, it had moved to the edge of camp. I followed it around for a while, but couldn't get a look, hidden as it was in the canopy.
    When I'm out at night in tropical forests, I always carry two flashlights, one to search the canopy, and one to light the path, and I never take a step without looking at the ground before me. Once again, that proved to be wise, as I suddenly came upon this Fer-de-lance coiled right on the path.
    Veeeery slowly I went around it, skirting the bushes on the other edge of the path, keeping at least a meter between us as he watched me pass. Of course, I never found the owl, but that provided the excitement for the night!
    Posted one month ago
    1. WOW! I bet that got your adrenaline going! Posted one month ago
      1. Yikes! Good luck getting back to sleep after such excitement. Posted one month ago
      2. Haha indeed! What's most impressive with these guys is that every time I've encountered a fer-de-lance, they've never moved an inch. They're not aggressive, but they certainly don't slither away like most snakes. They always stand their ground, cool as cucumbers. Posted one month ago
  2. Magnificent photo and species, proof that sometimes the photo is more appreciated when there's a good story behind it! Posted one month ago
    1. Thanks Wesley! Are there a lot of venomous snakes on T&T? Posted one month ago

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''Bothrops atrox'' — also known as the common lancehead, ''fer-de-lance'', and ''barba amarilla'' — is a species of pit viper found in the tropical lowlands of northern South America east of the Andes. No subspecies are currently recognized.

Similar species: Scaled Reptiles
Species identified by Thibaud Aronson
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By Thibaud Aronson

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Uploaded May 10, 2021. Captured Oct 15, 2020 20:38 in Palcazu, 19320, Peru.
  • Canon EOS 7D Mark II
  • f/8.0
  • 1/80s
  • ISO12800
  • 299mm