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Pin-tailed flower beetle - Mordella leucosticta  Australia,Eamw beetles,Geotagged,Mordella leucosticta Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

Pin-tailed flower beetle - Mordella leucosticta

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  1. Intrigued by this wonderful and intriguing sighting, I went to do further reading and nothing is available for Modells leucostica - would it be Hoshihananomia leucosticta? This looks to be a match visually. I note the family is Mordellidae. What a smashing looking little beetle. Posted 3 months ago
    1. Sorry some misspelling also there is some naming issue but can’t really work out about renaming to
      Hoshihananomia leucosticta
      Posted 3 months ago, modified 3 months ago
      1. It's interesting. It was described and named Hoshihananomia leucosticta in 1848 by Germar. Yet on iNaturalist it is accepted by both names. Posted 3 months ago
        1. Yes Ruth , I noticed it but could not work out what happened. I gues you can pick and choose. Posted 3 months ago
  2. WOW! This beetle is stunning! Nice find, Ernst! Posted 3 months ago
  3. Very cool find and excellent shot! Posted 3 months ago
  4. Love the shot Ernst

    Posted 3 months ago

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''Mordella leucosticta'' is a species of beetle in the genus ''Mordella'' of the family Mordellidae, which is part of the superfamily Tenebrionoidea. It was described in 1848.

Similar species: Beetles
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Uploaded Apr 21, 2021. Captured in 135A College Rd, Karana Downs QLD 4306, Australia.