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Eumorpha pandorus, prolegs  Eumorpha pandorus,Geotagged,Pandora sphinx,Summer,United States Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Thanks for sharing these chubby little feet! Posted one year ago
    1. You can almost hear the suction, like "ffffffffth." Posted one year ago
      1. Exactly! This is a sound that needs to be recorded, if it hasn't already. Posted one year ago
  2. Super creative composition, love it! Posted one year ago
  3. Today's Facebook post:

    We’re trotting through creatures with fantastic feet today! Click the photos to read what makes each creature’s feet anything but stinky.

    Today's post completes our 'creature feature' week! But, stay tuned next week to learn about creatures with unique features that are not found in humans! #JungleDragon

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    Caterpillars have adorable, squishy prolegs! Like other insects, they have six true legs on their thorax, but they also have pudgy prolegs on their abdomens. It’s their prolegs that are important for locomotion. While caterpillars have muscles, they don’t have skeletons to help them contract those muscles. So, how do they use their muscles? They attach their bodies to a hard surface, such as a twig, using their prolegs! Their prolegs act like anchors that hold the caterpillar in place, thus giving them the stability to contract their muscles and move. So cool! {Pandora sphinx (Eumorpha pandorus) spotted in Pennsylvania, USA by FrannySopranny} #Pandorasphinx #Eumorphapandorus

    Posted one year ago
  4. Such a brilliant crop Posted one year ago

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The Pandora sphinx moth, also called the Pandorus Sphinx Moth, is a North American moth in the Sphingidae family. It is a large, greenish gray moth with darker patches and pink edges and small pink eyespots.

Similar species: Moths And Butterflies
Species identified by FrannySopranny
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By FrannySopranny

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Uploaded Feb 13, 2021. Captured Sep 6, 2019 06:58 in 121 Stecker Mill Rd, Danville, PA 17821, USA.
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6
  • f/11.0
  • 1/128s
  • ISO100
  • 35mm