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Black and White Hyllus Jumping Spider <br />
Hyllus argyrotoxus Democratic Republic of the Congo,Geotagged,Hyllus argyrotoxus Click/tap to enlarge Country intro

Black and White Hyllus Jumping Spider

Hyllus argyrotoxus

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  1. Posted 9 months ago
  2. sorry for the picture quality, I didn't bring my macro lens stupid I am...it is all by phone...sorry sorry
    Posted 9 months ago
    1. Don't be sorry, the photo is still very usable and I love that you included a video. Posted 8 months ago

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Hyllus are sturdy, solid looking spiders that are quite large <>16mm. They tend to be stout, hairy and dull in colour. Species in this genus tend to be found in silken cells in low vegetation in the open. Hyllus argyrotoxus is found along the eastern coastal region of South Africa.

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Uploaded Dec 30, 2020. Captured in Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of the Congo.