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Biorhiza pallida - Portrait Various of these about in the garden tonight :o) Agamic,Agamous generation,Biorhiza,Biorhiza pallida,Cynipidae,Cynipini,Hymenoptera,Jane's garden,compound eyes,nl: Aardappelgalwesp Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Extraordinary! Visually as well as educationally. I've just checked all gall wasp images and this is only the second example of the actual wasp documented instead of the gall structure, and that other one was also by you :) Posted 3 months ago
    1. Somehow, once you know when and where to look, this wasp seems hard to miss - fairly big and conspicuously climbing up them trees :o) Posted 3 months ago
  2. Love the compound eyes Posted 3 months ago
    1. Thanks Calbost - also for the tip ... I probably should have more images worthy of tagging 20compound eye or 29compound eyes :o) Posted 3 months ago
  3. Super photo! Posted 3 months ago

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''Biorhiza pallida'' is a gall wasp species in the family Cynipidae. This species is a member of the tribe Cynipini: the oak gall wasp tribe. Cynipini is the tribe partially responsible for the formation of galls known as oak apples on oak trees. These are formed after the wasp lays eggs inside the leaf buds and the plant tissues swell as the larvae of the gall wasp develop inside.

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Uploaded Nov 22, 2020.