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Chilocorus bipustulatus  Chilocorinae,Chilocorus,Chilocorus bipustulatus,Coccinellidae,Heather ladybird,Jane's garden,Netherlands,nl: Heidelieveheersbeestje Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Excellent series! Posted 4 months ago
    1. Thanks Ferdy - a bit overkill maybe for one critter, but I did also want to add the shot of the "upper lip"
      Chilocorus bipustulatus - Detail of head  Chilocorinae,Chilocorus,Chilocorus bipustulatus,Coccinellidae,Heather ladybird,Jane's garden,Netherlands,compound eyes,nl: Heidelieveheersbeestje
      Posted 4 months ago
      1. Not overkill, using the system as intended and building up a beautiful and valuable record.
        But you know that already, I'll keep saying it anyway :)
        Posted 4 months ago
        1. :o) I know you don't mind, but I do still need to tell myself that before uploading 5 images of 1 the same critter ... but I managed ... you taught me well master *bow* Posted 4 months ago
          1. You must feel so dirty and guilty now. Multiple images of the same species. Tsssk.
            Joking aside, you are already doing it. Many of the species/categories you have deeply explored and documented are now awesome and rich, as well as educational. Just you did those parts, and by doing this over time, the total end result I see as a treasure chest.

            You should be proud of it.
            Posted 4 months ago

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''Chilocorus bipustulatus'', the heather ladybird, is a beetle species belonging to the family Coccinellidae, subfamily Chilocorinae. These beetles are found in most of the Palearctic ecozone and has been introduced to tropical Africa, Hawaii, and North America.

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