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Larinioides cornutus A "me too" upload - spin-off from some other project ... Arachnida,Araneae,Araneidae,Furrow Spider,Labidognatha,Larinioides,Larinioides cornutus,nl: Rietkruisspin Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Only us dutchies may get the spin-off joke :) Posted 8 months ago
    1. Yup ;o) For the others it's matter of fact, which is also fine ... Posted 8 months ago

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''Larinioides cornutus'', the furrow spider, furrow orb spider, or foliate spider is an orb-weaver spider with Holarctic distribution.

Similar species: Spiders
Species identified by Pudding4brains
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Uploaded Sep 8, 2020.