Philip Booker

Philip Booker

I'm PK I'm a keen amateur wildlife photographer, recording anything that moves in my huge garden, Brighton and Sussex and from my travels further afield and overseas. I have a (free) wildlife channel on Youtube where I post short videos of a diverse range of species, large, medium and tiny.
    1. Ha! I think that might have more to do with me than you.

      D'uh me!
    2. Oh. That's sad to hear.

      Having said that, the location and style of it's flight, might make it easy to tread on unless you are looking very closely at where you're putting your feet?
    3. Comment on Red-tailed Mason Bee (Osmia bicolor) 13 days ago
      Sounds fair enough to me...
    4. D'oh me!

      No, they are hollowed out coconut shells, into which I put the monkey nuts.
    5. Comment on Red-tailed Mason Bee (Osmia bicolor) 14 days ago
      Wildlife defective, more like!
    6. Forgive my ignorance (so much to forgive, so little time) but I don't know what a 'gourd' is?
    7. And I'll do this too.

    8. I'll do just that.

      Happy to help'
    9. Hi Weia

      Yes, Gunnar commented on my post in Facebook UK Diptera.
      I was aware the genus is now called Lepiseodina but iRecord won't record it under anything other than 'Telmatoscopus rothschildii'.

      I'm happy to record it on iNaturalist. but I don't want to do so, if that doubles up on an existing record and I want to be certain about what I should now record it as?

      You probably don't need it, but if you have any use for my photo then feel free to do so. I can get the others and the video clip (yet to be edited) to you if you wish. although the photo above is the best individual shot?

    10. And may I please ask who makes that decision and how, and who announces it?

      This is really fascinating stuff.