Gary B

Gary B

I am interested in all things biological but my main interest is in plants. Lately, my interests have expanded to non-plants such as lichens, fungi, and arthropods. A current project of mine is to document moths that live in the forests and wetlands on my property. When I am not doing that I work as field botanist searching for rare plant species.
    1. It is certainly a beautiful caterpillar. Will post the adult form soon but it is much less spectacular.
    2. Comment on Hydnellum peckii 7 days ago
      You're welcome! I may have seen Hydnellum caeruleum on the Superior Hiking Trail off Cramer Road last year. If you have time that might be a good place to visit, too
    3. Comment on Hydnellum peckii 7 days ago
      I don't have any exact GPS coordinates for the location of the fungus but I was able to sort out a couple of ponts from the track file that correspond with the photo's time stamp. They're in UTMs North American Datum (can't recall the year) so you may need to adjust your GPS for that.

      15 T 658978 5288945
      15 T 658971 5288945

      To get to the area drive about 1.2 miles from the entrance of the Superior National Forest Campground on HWY 2. Just before you cross the Temperance River there is a parking spot on the left side of the road. Good and safe place to park. Cross the bridge and go into the woods. The land is steep and there are many deadfalls so it may be tough going.

      Where I found the fungus the forest is on a steep incline. Lots of balsam fir and aspen none of it particularly large or old. I would look all through this part of the forest as the fungus may not be restricted to just this one little spot. The location is somewhat close to the road, maybe 300 to 350 feet.
    4. Comment on Operophtera bruceata 9 months ago
      The hard killing frosts came in early October here which is very late. But like you, we are experiencing odd weather. Later killing frosts, an earlier start to the growing season, and winters that should have cold weather with snow not slush and rain. But we'll see how this winter goes. This month in about 2 days we got 8 inches of rain and a flood. That amount of rain in such a short period is more the norm now.
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      The days are just too short now and the sun is getting lower on the horizon even at noon.

      First frost? is that early or late for where you live?
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      A few New England asters and Violas but not for long here. The asters look bad.
    7. Comment on Operophtera bruceata 9 months ago
      I still have some flowers blooming in my garden though!
    8. Comment on Operophtera bruceata 9 months ago
      They're not unusual but I think these are a little lower than normal. There's already ice forming on some small ponds in the woods. An inch of snow is predicted for Halloween.
    9. Comment on Sceptridium dissectum forma dissectum 9 months ago
      Ferns in this genus are long-lived. There are reports of Sceptridium mulitifidum at about 100 years old. They grow from a single small vertical underground stem unlike most other ferns that produce horizontal rhizomes that continue to grow on as the older parts die.
    10. Comment on Nameless Pinion - Lithophane innominata 9 months ago
      It's a Moth With No Name like that song.