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Christine Young

Christine Young

Nature enthusiast with an M.S. in Medical Entomology, specializing in mosquitoes and ticks.
    1. Comment on Tachinid sp. 7 min ago
      Thanks for confirming, Mark.
    2. Ugh, I didn't realize that about February. I hope it isn't the case this year.

      It's heartbreaking and impossible for me to understand how some people don't care about wildlife. We are all a part of nature. It really boggles my mind, especially when you explain how everything is interconnected. Some people still don't care. It's completely nonsensical and really shows the narcissism of the human race.
    3. Comment on Macarenia clavigera 16 hrs ago
      I didn't even know that a place like this existed!
    4. Comment on Squirrel Monkey 2 16 hrs ago
      Hopefully someone will be able to help with the ID!
    5. Comment on Brown Woolly Monkey 16 hrs ago
      I agree with you, great catch! I removed the ID on the other photo for now until Ferdy has time to check it out.
    6. Comment on Brown woolly monkey 16 hrs ago
      Thanks so much, David. I've removed the ID for now.
    7. Comment on Mushroom - Laccaria sp. 16 hrs ago
      I think so
    8. Comment on Lichen-encrusted Bench 16 hrs ago
      Thanks! I wish I had been strong enough to rotate the bench ;P.
    9. Comment on Unknown Crust Fungus 16 hrs ago
      And, it was more purple in person than this photo indicates! I got a suggestion on MO that it could be a slime mold.
    10. Comment on Tiny White Mushroom 16 hrs ago
      Thanks, you're the best <3!