Lisa Kimmerling

Lisa Kimmerling

I'm a biology nerd, naturalist, and wildlife conservationist in the Appalachian foothills of the southeastern United States. I'm currently a moderator at on the Georgia Naturalists group on Facebook. While I am interested mostly in the identification and photography of plants, fungi, and insects--I enjoy taking advantage of and learning from any opportunity that Nature provides me!
    1. Comment on Minettia lupulina 15 min ago
      The swollen abdomen here reminds me of the viviparity displayed in tsetse flies O_O
    2. Whoah! Really cool zoom-in details on this one!
    3. Yes, definitely contact Zach Alley! :D
    4. Comment on A Frond Of The Licorice Root Fern 1 hour ago
      Was about to say the same thing (right after I promoted it)! LOL
    5. Very good point, Barry!
      I JUST had to look it up, and it seems that the host plants (Senna, Cassia, and Chamaecrista sp.) are all poisonous. So larvae like this one that (pretty much exclusively) feed on them accumulate a toxic deterrent!
      Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I will definitely add it to the description!
    6. Comment on Gopher Tortoise in Okefenokee Swamp 1 hour ago
      I wrote as many letters as I could (and spread the word) about the Okefenokee, but it seems that those in power (and those with money) will always have their way. :'(

      And, yes, I'm a Georgia girl! I live in NW Georgia, in the Appalachian foothills. Lots of beautiful wildlife up here too! If you ever visit again, give me a heads up and I can give you some pointers on cool locations! I'm glad you enjoyed your time here!
    7. Awesome!
    8. Comment on IMG20190824111659 1 hour ago
      Welcome to JungleDragon, MJ Padiz! This looks like the shield bug species, Cantao ocellatus.

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    9. Comment on Gopher Tortoise in Okefenokee Swamp 1 hour ago
      OH so cute! Enjoy the Okefenokee while you still can! Do you often visit Georgia?!
    10. Thank you, Ferdy! This is a really old shot, so that means a lot! :D