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Born in Germany, live since 1969 in Australia. Worked for many years in a curatorial position for the zoological Board of Victoria/Australia . Now retired , travel a lot and live for nature photography.
    1. Thank you Ruth.
      I found it in a friends garden , that is why you can the picket fence in the eyes reflection.
    2. Yes ‚ we also looked forward to a nice spring but it just didn’t work out for us.
    3. The drought started about two years ago.
    4. Comment on Tree Kangaroo! 14 days ago
      That is the Goodfelloes tree- kangaroo Dendrolagus goodfellowi
    5. Thank you Ferdy.
      It is fairly easy ones you know.
    6. Location fixed. About 4 weeks ago I uploaded a image of a rather flat and spiny caterpillar and kept it as it was close to pupating. After 15 days the moth emerged. I tried to add a small image of that caterpillar but nothing worked . I see you do it frequently and maybe I can ask you how to do it. I am using a iPad not a computer.
      Your suggestion of genus Lymantra seems to be close but I could not find a image of the caterpillar but one caterpillar image of a moth in the same genus looked very similar . It could be a species which feeds on lichen .Lymantria antenata looks close to me .
    7. Now, that is a beauty.
    8. Christine , i have looked at many images and i still don’t know. I will upload a photo of the underside it might help you to work it out .Please
      The pattern on the underside is different in both D.cymatodes and D. selenophora
    9. That is an amazing image. Must have been exiting to find that one.
    10. Thank you Christine you are very good and very observant. I think we might leave it at genus level
      Porrostoma. I am not sure how to delete the name in the species section .