Albert Kang

Albert Kang

Exploring wild life, both on land and underwater.
    1. Comment on Banana Nudibranch one month ago
      Thank you very much, Christine for making the special feature :D
    2. Comment on Dental service one month ago
      Christine, thanks again for featuring this again.
      Did you watched the video? That was me in the video :D
    3. Comment on Harvestmen - Epedanidae one month ago
      Christine - quite a few species among them have horns behind the head.

      Ferdy - not all species have the long jaws. Those with long jaws kind of like the front legs of praying mantis, usually with spines to get a good hold of their preys.
    4. Comment on New Dress in Blue! one month ago
      Yes, always nice to see this process in nature :D
    5. Comment on Fungus Weevils - Mecocerus sp. one month ago
      Yea, was surprised this one looks better in picture :D
    6. Yes, Christine & Lisa - this tiny sized Sharpshooters have very nice markings.
    7. Comment on Planthopper one month ago
      Finally got this identified :D
    8. Comment on Shitty name one month ago
      Yes indeed :D
    9. Comment on Butterfly - Nacaduba sp. one month ago
      Was looking for references of Nacaduba calauria, more sighted in mainland/Peninsular Malaysia/Singapore less in Borneo, it seems.

      Over in Borneo, in the same locality, the followings that looks similar, have been documented :

      - Nacaduba berenice
      - Nacaduba normani
      - Nacaduba kurava
      - Nacaduba beroe
      - Nacaduba augusta (not likely)
      - Nacaduba subperusia

      Too difficult for me to tell them apart :(
    10. Comment on Mama Spider & Babies one month ago
      Yes, always nice to see Mother with babies.
      During my trip to Costa Rica, we saw a Mother Tarantula with her babies in their 'den' and over a few days, not sure how/why, but I think it's how nature works, the babies started to crawl out of the hole and disappeared into the forest to start their life journey :D