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Tito Lahaye

Tito Lahaye

A fan of nature...
Eagle Owl
    1. Comment on Vivid coloured beetle 3 months ago
      I think it is, thank you.
    2. Comment on Epimecis anonaria 3 months ago
      Thank you, very kind of you.
    3. Comment on Big grub, megasoma actaeon janus? 3 months ago
    4. Comment on Polyrhaphis spinipennis, a closer look 5 months ago
      I think I did. I must have. Difficult in other modes.
    5. Comment on Junonia sp 6 months ago
      Many thanks
    6. Comment on Scinax fuscovarius one year ago
      Sorry, no. Forgot to geotag it. I've not been doing much here lately. One forgets essentials.
    7. And flavour?
    8. Comment on Astylus trifasciatus one year ago
      Thank you all
    9. Comment on Psocoptera one year ago
      Thank you everyone for such an enlightening interchange. Very much appreciated.