Ferdy Christant

Ferdy Christant

I am a software engineer, architect and web developer from the Netherlands with a special love for wildlife and photography. I am the founder of JungleDragon.
    1. Comment on Scaphoideus immistus 2 hrs ago
    2. Comment on Geometer, Andasibe, Madagascar 2 hrs ago
      It's not something I broadcast to the world, but it's ammo, just in case. When needed, I may rub it in the face of the 3 people on this planet who potentially give a shit.
    3. Embarrassed? You should feel proud. Look at afromoths, that enormous list of genuses, and you found the right one. That really is impressive.

      I'm very happy too that some got identified. Unfortunately, still only some, but that's so much better than almost none.
    4. Comment on Borneo Flying Frog 5 hrs ago
      Whoa, that is one stunning frog. Look at the webbing between the toes, crazy!

      And very beautifully captured, worthy of a place in this list of classics:

    5. Comment on Checkered Owlet Moth 5 hrs ago
      Nice one, Chun!

      We're getting close to 3,000 butterflies and moths described:
    6. I think something was mixed up, this is what Epidendrum ptochium looks like:

      I'm not an expert but it looks quite different. So I double checked with Sebastian and this is Epidendrum portokalium instead.

      I suspect you have another photo not yet shared that is Epidendrum ptochium?
    7. Comment on Trichosalpinx_pseudolepanthes 5 hrs ago
      It's so cool to see how you discovered miniature orchids at this place as we had the same experience. Before, we did not understand the appeal of orchids but now we're totally hooked :)

      Here's some 400+ to enjoy:

      And thank you for adding more!
    8. Comment on Specklinea_(acostaea)_caulophryne 5 hrs ago
      Very nice! Described only one year ago by that other Sebastian:

      Both Sebastian's are orchid legends :)
    9. Ernst, this definitely looks like Prociphilus tessellatus visually, but still want to do a quick location check. From a casual search, it seems mostly reported from NA and Europe, hardly ever Asia or Australia. Do you have a record or reference of this species in Australia?
    10. Comment on Masdevallia_mutica_Cerro_Montezuma 5 hrs ago
      Great, which browser did you use before, if I may ask?