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    1. Still MUCH respect for even finding it!
    2. This is crazy. I was going to put that exact link in, yet you beat me to it by 22 secs!
    3. Comment on Proboscis Monkey in Borneo 2 hrs ago
      Beautiful post!

      As somebody on FB already commented, locals name it the Holland monkey in reference to past dutch colonists in the area, which similar to this monkey had:

      A) a big nose
      B) a pot belly
      C) red skin (sunburn)

      No, Christine, only locals can use that. Not you.

    4. That is super impressive!

      ...and only now am I seeing the little "Z" marks.
    5. Nice! Another endemic one. Thanks so much!
    6. Thanks! I'm thinking it is likely Amastus coccinator, it seems quite distinct within the genus.
    7. Thank you! I think it's a very good match, but will consider it as tentative for now.
    8. Yes, thank you!
      Indeed it's quite damaged, and the angle and exposure is awful. Will restore that soon as the next night, we did get a "pristine" specimen properly photographed. It's a very beautiful moth, so it should be done justice :)
    9. That is a really good idea, Christine, thanks for doing this. More observations of the same species is very valuable, it makes the species record so much more valuable. Doing this across seasons and even years ultimately produces an invaluable and very educational record!
    10. Hehe, seriously though indeed that group is a bit disappointing in getting actual help. By comparison, if I share a batch of 10, you identify 5-7 almost immediately, and the rest up to the genus. Over there it never seems to go beyond genus, if there's a useful response at all.

      Bottom line: very lucky to have you!