Ferdy Christant

Ferdy Christant

I am a software engineer, architect and web developer from the Netherlands with a special love for wildlife and photography. I am the founder of JungleDragon.
    1. I wish I could go travel back in time to 18 y/o me, in a bar on a Saturday. I'd tell that young man: later when you're older and accomplished, your idea of fun is staring at soil in freezing temps, to find invisible things that take 2 days to take a shitty photo of.

      You have to be able to laugh at life. I find it hilarious.
    2. Comment on Gulf fritillary may be mating 3 hrs ago
      That's a fun and interesting detail, had no idea.
    3. Comment on Lobaria virens 3 hrs ago
      Well done!
    4. No no no, definitely not delete it. It's a valid observation. Sometimes we only get to a partial ID and just leave it at that. It still has value that way, so no worries.

      I checked the genus and it doesn't seem to have close look-a-likes, so propose we go forward with the ID. We call that a tentative ID. Likely correct, but not 100% sure.
    5. Would make for an original Halloween costume. Main downside is that probably about 3 people in the world get it :)
    6. Heh, thanks! Coming Saturday the dutch taxonomist may visit us to hopefully find and collect a Dicyrtoma dorsosignata sample. May peek over his shoulder a little to see how the pros do it. Perhaps with the filter you mention.

      I'm taking a little break though from additional springtail discoveries. Just this second session was a huge time sink and energy drain. I definitely want to find a mite though, would be interesting do extreme macro on it. And surely at one point I'll dig in for more.

      It brings new challenges though. In hindsight I got lucky they were trapped on the water. That made for easy collecting, they're alive, clean, and on their feet. It's a different story on soil. Even if I'd sacrifice one, I can't position a 1-2mm creature. And it looks like I'm not the only one, almost all photos online of springtails are field photos.

      Which is in many ways a good thing, but 5:1 in the field is no joke. Keep expectations low ;)
    7. Comment on World's Smallet Fig ! 4 hrs ago
      Congrats on this spectacular find, Chun!
      Imagine the flowers inside the 3mm, and the possible pollinators even smaller. Wow!
    8. ID looks plausible to me at face value. Do you happen to have other angles? In particular from the back would be interesting.
    9. Comment on Common brown- Heteronympha merope 4 hrs ago
      Love the warm tones and lights in the scene, well done!
    10. Comment on A New Fan - literally! 4 hrs ago
      Feisty one!