Ferdy Christant

Ferdy Christant

I am a software engineer, architect and web developer from the Netherlands with a special love for wildlife and photography. I am the founder of JungleDragon.
    1. Yes, I'm sure that's what he thinks.
    2. Comment on Corvus corax ssp canariensis 39 min ago
      Ah yes, together with sunsets and snow scenes, Ravens and similar black birds are the poster child example of exposure failures when using automatic exposure.

      This exposure is very classy, it doesn't compensate for the birds darkness yet has dramatic highlights in the right parts. Well done.
    3. Yes Christine, that's why they call them "Common Eupithecia ".
    4. Comment on Black Cohosh - Actaea racemosa 44 min ago
      Perfectly executed, completely separated from its background and beautifully lit. That's how it's done.
    5. Gorgeous!
    6. Excellent shot!
    7. Comment on Soldier Fly - Odontomyia pubescens 1 hour ago
      Hopefully just cold and heating up.
    8. Comment on Crown Coral - Artomyces pyxidatus 1 hour ago
      Beautiful specimen!
    9. Comment on Banded Orange Heliconian (Longwing) 1 hour ago
      Fun fact: birds dislike the taste of this species.
    10. Comment on Probably juvenile Grey Hawk 1 hour ago
      Struggling to help, as I'm not a birder. Online data for Venezuela is sketchy, so I figured to use my Colombia birds book as a "close enough" strategy. Unfortunately, the illustrations are not great, and I'm unable to find a hard match. Sorry!

      eBird does have a lot of data from Venezuela:

      ...yet can be overwhelming to browse. When really stuck, you can try to send a personal message to Thibaud:

      Thibaud AronsonThibaud Aronson