Ferdy Christant

Ferdy Christant

Award-losing amateur wildlife photographer. Founder of JungleDragon.
    1. Heh, took me a while to realize its a tarantula at all, but in hindsight it's easy.
    2. Amazing bird!
    3. Comment on Spot bellied Eagle Owl 3 hrs ago
      Sorry, had to re-identify because this species is known under several names.
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    5. Comment on Mochlonyx (midge larvae) 4 hrs ago

      PS: I've set the country to Estonia, is that a correct assumption?
    6. Excellent shot, Ernst!
    7. Comment on A Male Surf Scoter! 4 hrs ago
      This duck is so weird, but in a good way.
    8. Very useful to add additional angles, thanks for that!
    9. And this is just the beginning :)
    10. Thank you :)