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Explorer, photographer and a conservationist from Bangalore, India!
Mountain Gorilla
    1. Comment on The bold/Daring Jumping spider one month ago
      Thank you :)
    2. Comment on Amboli Toad one year ago
      This is not Xanthophryne tigerina.
      This is Indirana sp!!
    3. Comment on California Quails 2 years ago
      Thanks Fredy :)
    4. Comment on Bytharia uniformis (Geometridae) 2 years ago
    5. Comment on Nilgiris spiny lizard 2 years ago
      Thank you John!
    6. Comment on Nilgiris spiny lizard 2 years ago
      Yeah he is! such a cool lizard!
    7. Comment on Hanging for life!! 2 years ago
      Thank you Ferdy!
    8. This is stunning!
    9. Comment on A Spotted Litter Frog stretched high 2 years ago
      Wow! Never seen a frog standing in such a posture!!
      Looks like its standing on its toes!!
    10. Comment on Twin-spotted Flying Frog on a leaf 2 years ago
      This is beauty!