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    1. Comment on Carabus nemoralis O.F. Müller, 1764 8 months ago
      Beautiful specimen and what a lovely shot of it!
    2. Beautiful shot :-)
    3. What a beautiful macro shot!!
    4. Comment on In thought 9 months ago
      This is not a rhesus macaque but rather a Bonnet macaque.
    5. All the crazy species intros! All your posts are fantastic!
    6. Easiest to see is fine but surely not easy to shoot it seems. Looking at your ISO value, I can imagine how dark it must've been in that habitat. Its lovely species intro :-)
    7. Comment on Mountain Dragon - Rankinia diemensis 9 months ago
      Lovely species intro!
    8. Comment on Xylophanes docilis 9 months ago
      Lovely specimen!
    9. Comment on Ambushed 9 months ago
      Crazy timing Mohammed! Amazing moment and Lovely work!
    10. Comment on Hyla cinerea 9 months ago
      Beautifully captured!