1. Beautiful macro! Love the composition and the colors! Amazing!
    2. Comment on Vierpunktiger Ölkäfer 5 years ago
      Thank you for the information! :)
      Now I now a little bit more about this beetle :)
    3. Comment on tree_silhouette 6 years ago
      Wow!! Simply wow!! This picture is amazing! These colours and the composition. I love the contrast of the yellow and blue and the symmetrie of the image!! The tree in the middle of the yellow sky!!Amazing picture
    4. Love the colours and the composition! Realy good picture!!!
    5. Comment on Green lizard 6 years ago
      Thank you very much!!
    6. Beautiful macro!!!!
    7. beautiful!!!
    8. Comment on "Right!" 6 years ago
      Beautiful picture!
    9. Comment on Palaemon elegans 6 years ago
      Yes this species is transparent :)
      In "Costa Brava" (Spain) there are thousands of these but this one was the biggest I have ever seen :)
    10. Beautiful picture!