1. Comment on Mr. Grumpy Stripes 8 years ago
      Very nice picture and composition.
    2. Nice shot Wendy. I remember seeing them as a kid in Florida. Of course, they never looked quite like that when I saw them!
    3. Great shot Wendy. I find hummingbirds to be a beautiful but frustrating subject - really fast and active, and they tend to shrink in a picture. So well done getting such a closeup. Out of curiosity, what sort of lens did you use to take this picture?
    4. Comment on African wattled lapwing 8 years ago
      That's interesting. The image is actually a scan of a slide, so there probably is no capture date. But I now know much more about computer date fields than I did when I joined this site!
    5. Nice shot. Good colors and background.
    6. Comment on Southern Swamp Deer 8 years ago
      Thanks Wendy. At first I was a little bummed about the mid-chew mouth, but the more I looked at it, the more humorous it became to me. By the way, I am a fan of a bunch of your pictures as well.
    7. Comment on Cheetah Yawning 8 years ago
      Hmmm, the 1.7 vs. 2.0 teleconverter is tricky. On the one hand, going much above f8 isn't ideal in low light, but on the other hand, the extra reach from the 2x teleconverter could be pretty useful. Maybe the tiebreaker would be your camera body? I shoot on a relative dinosaur (purchased in 2006), so things get pretty noisy above ISO 400-500. But if you have a newer camera that can produce better quality high ISO shots, it may be worth getting the 2x and just dialing up your ISO to compensate for the slower shutter speed. Good luck with the decision!
    8. Comment on Jaguar emerging from cover 8 years ago
      Great shot Harry. Mind if I ask where you took the picture?
    9. Comment on Cheetah Yawning 8 years ago
      What is your lowest f-stop at 400mm? I find that I rarely use my 1.5x, because the difference between 300mm and 450mm isn't so drastic, so when looking for wildlife I usually go armed with the 2x attached (and then frantically rip it off if an animal is too close). Also, it probably depends on what sort of wildlife you are trying to shoot. I often find that even 600mm isn't close enough for birds, while it can be too close for some animal shots. But, as you noted, it may ultimately come down to shutter speed.
    10. Comment on Cheetah Yawning 8 years ago
      It's actually a 300mm f2.8 with a 2x teleconverter attached (both Nikon). Hence my camera thinking that I was shooting with a 600mm lens.