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I have been a photographer for about 7 years. I love birding. Most people ask how I get so close to the birds. It's actually the other way around. Gadsden, AL where I live is a valley with lots of low wetlands, and several farmland locations where birds (both domestic and migratory) hang out. I just go there with my camera sit and wait and the birds(after awhile) get closer to me. Some birds I still have trouble with, for example the Pileated Woodpecker lives here and is big as a crow, but in several years now, because it is so twitchy I have been unable to get a good shot. For the most part it is simply a matter of patience.
    1. Yes that's what leads me to believe it is from the Potter Wasp family. Plus spiders are on their snack list.
    2. Comment on Lithobates catesbeianus 5 years ago
      Thanks very much!
    3. Comment on Ichneumonidae (Ichneumon Wasps? 5 years ago
      No clue.
    4. Comment on DSC_1115 5 years ago
      Orb spider?
    5. Comment on Nature is watching! 5 years ago
      In a swampy algae overgrown lake not far from where I live. I thought that a close up would ruin the scale.
    6. Comment on Yellow-billed Cuckoo 5 years ago
      Thank you very much!
    7. Comment on Ruby-throated Hummingbird 5 years ago
      Thank you very much.
    8. Comment on Red Shouldered Hawk 5 years ago
      That's cool. Always happy to hear stories like those. Shows people still care.
    9. Comment on Red Shouldered Hawk 5 years ago
      Thank you so much.
    10. Thank you very much Claire. Sorry for my absence of late, seems like there are never enough hours in the day. :)