Common daisy

Bellis perennis

''Bellis perennis'' is a common European species of daisy, of the Asteraceae family, often considered the archetypal species of that name. Many related plants also share the name "daisy", so to distinguish this species from other daisies it is sometimes qualified as common daisy, lawn daisy or English daisy.
Fasciation Fasciation or 'cresting' is a relatively rare occurrence apparently. I saw this multi-headed daisy by the side of the road. It's nice to be different I guess :)  Bellis perennis,Geotagged,Spring,United Kingdom


It is an herbaceous perennial plant with short creeping rhizomes and rosettes of small rounded or spoon-shaped leaves that are from 3/4 to 2 inches long and grow flat to the ground. The species habitually colonises lawns, and is difficult to eradicate by mowing - hence the term 'lawn daisy'. Wherever it appears it is often considered an invasive weed.

The flowerheads are composite, in the form of a pseudanthium, consisting of many sessile flowers about 3/4 to 1-1/4 in in diameter, with white ray florets and yellow disc florets. Each inflorescence is borne on single leafless stems 3/4 - 4 in , rarely 6 in tall. The capitulum, or disc of florets, is surrounded by two rows of green bracts known as "phyllaries".
Pink English daisies - Bellis perennis - in spring park. Detaile English daisy or bellis perennis plant with colorful pink and white flowers macro closeup. Shallow depth of field, selective focus Bellis perennis,Bulgaria,beauty,bellasima,bellis,close,color,daisy,english,flower,natural,nature,outdoors,park,perennis,pink,red,rose,scene,spring


''Bellis'' may come from ''bellus'', Latin for "pretty", and ''perennis'' is Latin for "everlasting".

The name "daisy" is considered a corruption of "day's eye", because the whole head closes at night and opens in the morning. Chaucer called it "eye of the day". In Medieval times, ''Bellis perennis'' or the English Daisy was commonly known as "Mary's Rose". It is also known as ''bone flower''.

The English Daisy is also considered to be a flower of children and innocence.

Daisy is used as a girl's name and as a nickname for girls named Margaret, after the French name for the oxeye daisy, ''marguerite''.
Common daisies  Bellis perennis,Common daisy


Daisies have traditionally been used for making daisy chains in children's games.


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