Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa

Corallus batesii

Emerald Tree Boas are strikingly beautiful arboreal snakes from South America. This group of boas was split in 2009 into Guyana Shield Emerald Tree Boas (Corallus caninus) and Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boas (Corallus batesii). Older references use the name Corallus caninus for all of them.
An Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus batesii) coiled on a thin branch in the Amazon basin in Peru This boa had been found the previous night near our field station, about twenty feet up in the canopy. It was captured and held for a day so we could get better photographs, then released where it was found. Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa,Corallus batesii,Geotagged,Peru,Summer


Corallus batesii lives in the rainforest of the Amazon based in the south of the Amazon River and west of the Rio Negro, through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia, to the south in the Amazon basin.
An Emerald Tree Boa (Corallus batesii) coiled high above in the Amazon basin in Peru This snake was about twenty feet off the ground. It stands out against the canopy leaves in a flash photo because of the way the snake's body reflects the flash, but in person it was much harder to distinguish. Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa,Animal,Boa,Corallus batesii,Geotagged,Herp,Peru,Reptile,Snake,Summer


This snake is strictly arboreal and practically never falls to the ground; it lives surrounded by thick vegetation, where it finds its favorite prey: small lizards (for the very young specimens), mammals and birds. On the branches it holds the typical “saddle” position: coiled on a branch forming spirals with the body, at whose center is placed the head (occasionally held to the side). It is mainly nocturnal.


It is found at altitudes ranging between sea level and 1000 meters of altitude, and it lives in areas with an annual rainfall average of at least 1500ml/mq, which make this a very damp environment.


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