Campomanesia pubescens

Campomanesia pubescens

The guabiroba, guabiroba, graviola or guavira is a wild bush that grows in the fields and pastures of the Brazilian Cerrado. In Paraguay it is known by the Guarani name guavirami.
Guavira fruits - Campomanesia pubescens Sweet with a somewhat bitter after taste. Grows in Bolivia, Brasil and Paraguay Campomanesia pubescens,Fruit,Geotagged,Paraguay,Spring,tropical


Its fruit is rounded, green and yellow when ripe, with greenish pulp, succulent, sweet, enveloping several seeds. The harvest takes place in November. In Paraguay, dry skin of the fruit is used to flavor and color the brandy.


Abbevillea widgreniana (O.Berg) O.Berg
Britoa eriantha (Cambess.) O.Berg
Campomanesia affinis O.Berg
Campomanesia apiculata Barb.Rodr. ex Chodat & Hassl.
Campomanesia australis O.Berg
Campomanesia bracteolata Kiaersk.
Campomanesia campestris O.Berg
Campomanesia corymbosa (Cambess.) O.Berg
Campomanesia cuneata O.Berg
Campomanesia dimorpha O.Berg
Campomanesia discolor O.Berg
Campomanesia diversifolia Barb.Rodr.
Campomanesia eriantha (Cambess.) Blume ex B.D.Jacks.
Campomanesia eriantha (Cambess.) Blume ex Mattos
Campomanesia erosa (Miq.) Govaerts
Campomanesia fusca O.Berg
Campomanesia gomesiana Handro & Mattos
Campomanesia hassleri Barb.Rodr.
Campomanesia heterophylla O.Berg
Campomanesia houlletii O.Berg
Campomanesia lanceolata O.Berg
Campomanesia obversa (Miq.) O.Berg
Campomanesia ovalifolia O.Berg
Campomanesia paranensis D.Legrand
Campomanesia pohliana O.Berg
Campomanesia reticulata O.Berg
Campomanesia rhytidophylla O.Berg
Campomanesia rugosa O.Berg
Campomanesia salviifolia O.Berg
Campomanesia suaveolens (Cambess.) O.Berg
Campomanesia trichosepala Barb.Rodr.
Campomanesia virescens O.Berg
Campomanesia warmingiana Kiaersk.
Campomanesia widgreniana O.Berg
Campomanesia yerutiensis Barb.Rodr. ex Chodat & Hassl.
Guajava hians (Mart. ex DC.) Kuntze
Psidium corymbosum Cambess.
Psidium erianthum Cambess.
Psidium erosum Miq.
Psidium hians Mart. ex DC.
Psidium obversum Miq.
Psidium pubescens Mart. ex DC.
Psidium suaveolens Cambess.


Plant native of the southern, southeastern and central-western Cerrado of Brazil, Bolivia. It has also spread in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. In Paraguay, this variety is known as guavirami.

In the north and west of the state of Parana there is a tree variety that reaches several meters in height, with similar fruits but sharper yellow when ripe. In Paraguay this species called Guavira.


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