Winter moth

Operophtera brumata

The winter moth is a moth of the family Geometridae. It is an abundant species of Europe and the Near East and one of very few Lepidoptera of temperate regions in which the adults are active in the depth of winter. The female of this species is virtually wingless and cannot fly, but the male is fully winged and flies strongly.
Operophtera brumata - Copula Sadly, my images of a copula of this species are all hampered by drops of water on the lens due to a constant drizzle :-/ Geometridae,Jane's garden,Larentiinae,Lepidoptera,Operophtera,Operophtera brumata,Operophterini,Winter moth,copulation,nl: Kleine wintervlinder


The forewing ground colour varies from grey-yellow to beige-brown or occasionally slightly reddish tinted. The patterns are often band-shaped dark brownish, often indistinct.The fringe is yellowish. The hindwings are pale grey or yellow grey.The antennae are short and finely hairy. The flightless female, has a brownish grey body color. It has rudimentary wing stubs, which are coloured brown to grey and have dark bands.
Operophtera brumata - Ovae on bark For more info, see with this image: Eggs,Geometridae,Jane's garden,Larentiinae,Lepidoptera,Operophtera,Operophtera brumata,Operophterini,Ovae,Winter moth,nl: Kleine wintervlinder


Northern and Central Europe. In the South, its range extends to after Northern Italy, in the East to the Caucasus and Asia Minor. In the North to the Baltic.
Operophtera brumata - Female and male  Geometridae,Jane's garden,Larentiinae,Lepidoptera,Operophtera,Operophtera brumata,Operophterini,Winter moth,nl: Kleine wintervlinder


*''Acer'' - Maple
⤷ ''Amelanchier'' - Serviceberry
⤷ ''Betula'' - Birch
⤷ ''Calluna'' - Heather
⤷ ''Carpinus'' - Hornbeam
⤷ ''Castanea'' - Chestnut
⤷ ''Corylus'' - Hazel
⤷ ''Cotoneaster''
⤷ ''Crataegus'' - Hawthorn
⤷ ''Cydonia'' - Quince
⤷ ''Fagus'' - Beech
⤷ ''Fraxinus'' - Ash
⤷ ''Larix'' - Larch
⤷ ''Malus'' - Apple
⤷ ''Myrica'' - Byaberry
⤷ ''Ostrya'' - Hophornbeam
⤷ ''Picea'' - Spruce
⤷ ''Populus'' - Poplar
⤷ ''Prunus'' - Cherry
⤷ ''Pyrus'' - Pear
⤷ ''Quercus'' - Oak
⤷ ''Rhamnus'' - Buckthorn
⤷ ''Rhododendron''
⤷ ''Ribes'' - Currant
⤷ ''Rosa'' - Rose
⤷ ''Rubus'' - Raspberry
⤷ ''Salix'' - Willow
⤷ ''Sorbus'' - Mountain ash
⤷ ''Tilia'' - Linden
⤷ ''Ulmus'' - Elm
⤷ ''Vaccinium macrocarpon'' - Large cranberry / American cranberry
⤷ ''Viburnum''


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SpeciesO. brumata