Synema globosum

Synema globosum

''Synema globosum'' is a species of 'crab spiders' belonging to the family Thomisidae.

This species is present in most countries of Europe and in the eastern Palearctic ecozone. It is especially common throughout the Mediterranean region.

The adult males reach 2–4 millimetres of length, while females are 7–8 millimetres long. They can mostly be encountered from May through August on flowering plants , waiting for their preys.

The two pairs of the front legs, used for hunting the flower-feeding insects, are more developed than the rear ones, which have a predominant motor function.

The main peculiarity of this species is the basic coloration of the abdomen, that can be red, orange, yellow or white, with a black pattern. Some people have found in these markings a certain resemblance to the silhouette of Napoleon. Prosoma and legs are black or dark brown.

Like other species of the family Thomisidae these spiders do not make a web, but actively hunt their preys.
Lunchtime This poor bee was ambushed by the spider as it came out of a flower. Unfortunately I missed the initial strike but as you can see, the spider wasn't letting go. The bee kept trying to brush the spider off with it's rear legs but failed. I wanted to help the bee out but had to remind myself that this is nature and if the spider has delivered its payload, the bee is probably going to die soon anyway.  Geotagged,Greece,Summer,Synema globosum


* ''Synema globosum clarum''
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⤷  ''Synema globosum pulchellum''


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