Sphaeropteris cooperi

Sphaeropteris cooperi

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''Sphaeropteris cooperi'', synonym ''Cyathea cooperi'', also known as lacy tree fern, scaly tree fern, or Cooper's tree fern, is a tree fern native to Australia, in New South Wales and Queensland.
Tree Fern - Cyathea cooperi These tree ferns were taken at Mt Wilson in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia Australia,Cyathea cooperi,Geotagged,Sphaeropteris cooperi,Tree Fern,Winter


''Sphaeropteris cooperi'' is a medium-to-large fast growing tree fern, to 15 metres in height with a 12-inch thick trunk. The apex of the trunk and unfurling crosiers are particularly attractive, covered as they are with conspicuous long, silky, straw colored scales. The crown is widely spread and the light green fronds may reach a length of 4–6 metres . It can also very rarely be found in the colour of a pale pink with an orange stripe going down the middle. This is extremely rare and can be worth about 2,000 dollars.
Tree Fern  Australia,Australian Tree Fern,Fall,Geotagged,Sphaeropteris cooperi


It has naturalised in Western Australia, South Australia, and parts of New South Wales where it is not native. It has also naturalized in New Zealand, South Africa, Tanzania, the Mascarene Islands, the Azores, Madeira and Hawaii, where it is classified as an invasive species.


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