Thelacantha brevispina

''Thelacantha'' is a genus of orb-weaver spiders containing the single species, ''Thelacantha brevispina''. It was first described by A. W. M. van Hasselt in 1882, and has been found in Australia, Madagascar, and across southern Asia from India to Philippines, including Japan. It has also been introduced into Hawaii. ''T. brevispina'' is closely related those in the genus ''Gasteracantha'', and was briefly synonymized with it in 1859, but revalidated in 1974. Saito described three other ''Thelacantha'' species in 1933, which were later synonymized with ''T. brevispina''.
Orb-Weaver Spider - Thelacantha brevispina Small sized Spider of less than 1 cm in size, this Thelacantha brevispina Spider seems to be fairly common and widely distributed from Madagascar to Australia and most part of Asia. Not sure if its 'local' to Tahiti or introdued.

There is only one single species placed under the genus Thelacantha. French Polynesia,Orb-Weaver Spider,Spider,Tahiti,Thelacantha,Thelacantha brevispina


Females grow to about 6 to 10 millimetres long, while males reach a size of 3 to 5 millimetres . Females have six abdominal spines ending in distinct sharp points. Most have two large white spots on the upper surface of their abdomens, which are otherwise mottled with black, brown, and white patterns.


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SpeciesT. brevispina
Photographed in
French Polynesia