Pear-shaped Opadometa

Opadometa fastigata

''Opadometa fastigata'', the pear-shaped leucauge, is a species of spiders in the family Tetragnathidae . It is found in India to Philippines and Sulawesi. Members of the species have silvery or golden spots on the abdomen. They are elongated spiders with long legs and chelicerae.
The pear-shaped leucauge Spider, Opadometa fastigata, family Tetragnathidae  Geotagged,Indonesia,Opadometa fastigata,Pear-shaped Leucauge


They are orb web weavers, weaving small orb webs with an open hub and few, wide-set radii and spirals. The webs have no signal line and no retreat. The web is a large horizontally-placed orb structure with a diameter of more than a metre. The entire web is often suspended by several long strands of silk attached to branches and leaves nearby.

This species is separated from other Leucauge spiders by its pear-shaped abdomen and its unique fourth leg. In addition to the two rows of curved hairs, this leg also has a thick brush of spines which are not present in most other species of Leucauge.


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SpeciesO. fastigata