Embed Elm Zigzag Sawfly larva - Aproceros leucopoda

Elm Zigzag Sawfly larva - Aproceros leucopoda Invasive species. An abstract from a study, published in the European Journal of Entomology in 2010. 

"An invasive sawfly Aproceros leucopoda Takeuchi, 1939, which originates from East Asia, has colonized elms (Ulmus spp.) in Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine, at least since 2003. In Europe, the larvae can completely defoliate native and non-native elm trees and may cause at least partial dieback. Field observations indicate that elms are infested independently of their age and site characteristics. The life cycle of A. leucopoda is described based on material reared in Hokkaido, Japan. 
Parthenogenetic reproduction, the short life cycle of summer generations and the ability to produce four generations per year result in the production of numerous progeny. The evolution of a seasonal dimorphism in head morphology, a simple cocoon that is attached directly to the host plant and a short period spent in the cocoon stage during summer, are putative apomorphies shared by Aproceros Takeuchi, 1939 and Aprosthema Konow, 1899. These traits reduce developmental costs and contribute to the proliferation of A. leucopoda. No specialized parasitoid, that can effectively reduce outbreaks of this species, is known. It is likely that this pest will spread into central and south-western Europe."

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