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Cryptocephalus sp. (sericeus group) Fondry des Chiens Belgium,Chrysomelidae,Cryptocephalus,Geotagged,Spring Click/tap to enlarge Promoted

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  1. Hi Pato, this is some Cryptocephalus, not Chrysolina. There are at least 3 candidates (maybe more) that I can think of and I'm not particularly fit with these ... do you have a good idea of the size maybe? Will try to look at this a bit better (no guarantees), but will remove the current ID/tags for now. Sorry, Arp Posted one month ago
    1. How can yo differentiate them? I think they may have been like 5 mm long but is long ago :-D Posted one month ago
      1. Here are a few images of Chrysolina varians for comparison:
        Chrysolina varians  Chrysolina,Chrysolina varians,Chrysomelidae,Chrysomelinae,nl: Veelkleurige hertshooigoudhaan

        Chrysolina varians - Bronze  Chrysolina,Chrysolina varians,Chrysomelidae,Chrysomelinae,nl: Veelkleurige hertshooigoudhaan

        Ch. varians also comes in green (variable, as the name suggests) but look at the _shape_ of the beetles.
        Chrysolinas are flatter and wider and their head sticks out of the pronotum.
        Cryptocephalus are higher and narrower and have a conspicuously flattend head that is often pulled back into the pronotum.
        Posted one month ago
        1. I can't see much difference so I believe the expert :-D Posted one month ago
          1. Well, I'm not that much of an expert for these, but I do think they are "obviously" different in shape, so maybe I've learned a little bit over the years after all ... ;o) Posted one month ago
            1. I should have asked them to show me their ID but I did not want to interrupt :-D Posted one month ago
              1. Very considered of you :o) Posted one month ago
                1. I would not disturb their chance to have babies :-D Posted one month ago
  2. Hi Pato, I'm sorry - the external differences between the three candidates that I should reasonably consider for Belgium are too subtle for me to recognise on your images with any certainty. My (ever so slightly) preferred candidate would be Cryptocephalus aureolus, but I really can't rule out sericeus or hypochoerides :-/
    I may still ask an expert what he thinks, but don't hold your breath.
    Posted one month ago
    1. It's Ok :-) Posted one month ago

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By Patomarazul

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Uploaded Apr 13, 2020. Captured Jun 2, 2019 12:47 in Rue Roche-Nanette, 5670 Viroinval, Belgium.
  • SP-820UZ
  • f/4.5
  • 10/3200s
  • ISO80
  • 5.7mm