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Hoatzin in flight On the floodplain of Rio Guaviare Damas del Nare,Hoatzin,Opisthocomus hoazin Click/tap to enlarge

Hoatzin in flight

On the floodplain of Rio Guaviare

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  1. Epic! Posted 8 months ago
    1. They're not great long distance fliers ;¬) Posted 8 months ago

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The hoatzin , also known as the stinkbird, or Canje pheasant, is a species of tropical bird found in swamps, riparian forests, and mangroves of the Amazon and the Orinoco Delta in South America. It is notable for having chicks that possess claws on two of their wing digits.

It is the only member of the genus ''Opisthocomus'' , which in turn is the only extant genus in the family Opisthocomidae. The taxonomic position of this family has been greatly debated, and is still far from clear.

Similar species: Hoatzin
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