Embed Verreaux's sifaka, Kirindy Reserve, Madagascar

Verreaux's sifaka, Kirindy Reserve, Madagascar A few shots of the largest lemur species to be found in Kirindy Reserve, the Verreaux's sifaka. There are 9 species of Sifaka's (which are named after their call) in Madagascar, here's a useful map showing the distribution of them all:

All species of Sifaka and threatened, mostly by habitat loss due to slash and burn agriculture. It's main natural enemy is the Fossa. 

In behavior, by day this is a slow, inactive herbivore. Their life consists of lazily sitting in trees whilst slowly chewing leafs, after which they take a giant rest from that effort.

One thing they are known for is their weird locomotion at ground level where due to their feet being optimized for life in the trees, they can't really walk or run, instead they hop sideways:

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