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Yellow tiger moth, La Planada Nature Reserve, Colombia  Colombia,Colombia 2018,Colombia South,Fall,Geotagged,La Planada Nature Reserve,South America Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Your lighting is so good in your shots! I think I’m going to use multiple lights at once this year. Posted 2 months ago
    1. Thanks! I'm actually still not happy with the difference in brightness and tone in between shots, but that's mostly a post processing thing. This is why I want to separate them from the background...for consistency :)

      I can only recommend multiple lights, doesn't even have to be flash units. You could start out with even a cheap LED light as an additional light, on a static subjects like fungi. It's fun!

      All in all I'm still not happy with my macro light setup though, I need a better diffuser solution.
      Posted 2 months ago
      1. I use a headlamp for extra lighting. Also, a ring flash (I wear it around my wrist though, not attached to camera). Experimenting with light is seriously fun. You have converted me, lol.

        Speaking of diffusers, I have one of those cheap, flap things that flop over the camera flash, haha. It's pretty awful. If I use the camera flash, I often splay my fingers out in front of it to diffuse the light. Still not ideal.
        Posted 2 months ago
        1. If you seek out some of the best macro photographers in the world, you will find out that their diffusers are almost always custom-made from cheap materials, like coffee filters, thin foam, or even white buckets. A lot of material naturally diffuses light so doesn't matter if its cheap, it's only better if it's cheap if it gets the job done. Posted 2 months ago
          1. Coffee filter is a good one! I'll have to try that. Posted 2 months ago
            1. Or wrapping foam:

              Or...a face mask. You may not want to go as extreme as he does, as you still require one hand free for the sack of bones.
              Posted 2 months ago
              1. Those set-ups are insane and amazing! They must be so heavy. I like those ideas though...very ingenious!

                Oh, and to be more practical, I could string the bones on a necklace to wear. That way, my hands would be free and the bones would still jingle.
                Posted 2 months ago, modified 2 months ago
                1. Yes, I love how he keeps experimenting, never really settling on any winning combination. He also often has assistance where others are holding a light.

                  The necklace idea is brilliant :)
                  Posted 2 months ago
                  1. He's very creative and his gear is pretty cool! Although, I would never carry it all.

                    Glad you like the bone necklace idea. If I have any spare bones, I'll have to make you one too ;P
                    Posted 2 months ago
                    1. Nice! I'd like to order one made from poacher bones. Preferably fresh. Posted 2 months ago
                      1. Haha, perfect. Posted 2 months ago

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Uploaded Apr 10, 2019. Captured Oct 29, 2018 21:14 in Unnamed Road, Ricaurte, NariƱo, Colombia.
  • NIKON D850
  • f/11.0
  • 1/60s
  • ISO64
  • 105mm