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Eulepidotis dominicata, La Isla Escondida, Colombia  Colombia,Colombia 2018,Colombia South,Eulepidotis dominicata,Fall,Geotagged,La Isla Escondida,Putumayo,South America,World Click/tap to enlarge PromotedSpecies introCountry intro

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  1. Erebidae - Eulepidotis dominicata or E. electa Posted 6 months ago
    1. Wow, a contest between two beauties! A plate that shows the front of both species:


      Note the wider white "cut" on the forewing of dominicata compared to electa. Distribution also slightly leans towards dominicata but data is sparse.

      Thanks once again!
      Posted 6 months ago
      1. Definitely, I agree. And, you're welcome! Posted 6 months ago
        1. And how about that link, huh? A proper german link it is. Posted 6 months ago
          1. Yes, hilarious! Why is it so long?? Posted 6 months ago
            1. Because its german. Posted 6 months ago
              1. Ja, genau! Posted 6 months ago
                1. Sorry, it's kind of a web developer inside joke. German words tend to break layouts because of their uninterrupted length :) Posted 6 months ago
                  1. Makes sense...German is actually my favorite language - of the ones I can speak at least. Posted 6 months ago
                    1. Welsh would be my least favorite. I only know a few words from when I lived in Wales, but the language makes me gag. Posted 6 months ago
                      1. That's rough lol. Can't say I ever heard Welsh. Posted 6 months ago
                        1. Whaaat?


                          and here:

                          Posted 6 months ago
                      2. Gotta reply here as we reached maximum comment depth. Wow, welsh is crazy. It's even worse than Scottish. I once had a Scottish friend at work, couldn't understand half of what he said for the first 3 months. Posted 6 months ago
                        1. Yes! I agree about Scottish too. Norwegian is also super hard. I had a professor from Norway and I had no idea what he was saying 90% of the time. Posted 6 months ago
  2. Wow! What a pretty individual! Posted 6 months ago
    1. Thanks, with tail lights :) Posted 6 months ago

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Eulepidotis dominicata is a moth of the family Erebidae. It is found in the neotropics, including Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Guyana and Ecuador. It has also been recorded from Texas.

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By fchristant

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Uploaded Feb 1, 2019. Captured Oct 21, 2018 19:54 in Orito, Putumayo, Colombia.
  • NIKON D850
  • f/16.0
  • 1/60s
  • ISO64
  • 105mm