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Anobinae Subfamily, La Isla Escondida, Colombia  Colombia,Colombia 2018,Colombia South,Fall,Geotagged,La Isla Escondida,Putumayo,South America,World Click/tap to enlarge

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  1. Family Erebidae> Subfamily Erebinae I'm thinking? Posted 5 months ago
    1. The Avatha genus would be close if it weren't for that bottom band :/ Posted 5 months ago
      1. Definitely seeing a resemblance in some Avatha species, but indeed none found yet with the bottom band, but also the connecting line between the big black spots. The dullest are always the hardest, right?

        Also did a wider check on Erebinae from Colombia, no match yet. I'll post this one on the FB group.

        Thanks for the research!
        Posted 5 months ago
        1. Hmm, I've been looking but can't find a match so far. I thought it would be easier because it has a grumpy face. It kind of looks like a goomba. Posted 5 months ago
          1. It's a tricky one for sure. Got this one up on the FB group. Suggestion so far is "spectacles and moustache". Posted 5 months ago
            1. Haha! That looks like a good fit. But, personally, I still think it looks like a goomba. Posted 5 months ago
              1. @Ferdy No problem! I don't think it is "dull" at all! <3
                Check out Anobinae Subfamily of Erebidae:
                ^This observation is getting much closer!

                Worldwide Anobinae:
                Posted 5 months ago, modified 5 months ago
                1. Thanks so much, Lisa. Definitely looks like the right sub family. I'm thinking the species itself may be pretty obscure, possibly not described or at least not online. Posted 5 months ago
                  1. Awesome, Lisa! There could also be sexual dimorphism to complicate the ID, so one of the species pictured could be the correct one even if it doesn’t look right if the opposite gender was photographed. Posted 5 months ago
                    1. Very good point!! Posted 5 months ago

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Uploaded Feb 1, 2019. Captured Oct 21, 2018 19:41 in Orito, Putumayo, Colombia.
  • NIKON D850
  • f/16.0
  • 1/60s
  • ISO64
  • 105mm