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Howling Coyote I hear the common calls of the coyote almost daily from my residence. This was the first time that I was able to witness their call in person and to be close enough to take a picture of this behavior. A second coyote is seen off in the background on the right who was also beginning to communicate.

Video from iPhone... sorry such poor quality but zoomed way in!

With a wide range that extends from Canada to Panama, Coyotes are a successful species that figure into the history, folklore, and present-day culture of the American West. Smaller than wolves and generally larger than dogs, coyotes boast coats that vary in color from gray to yellow. Most of Arizona's coyotes sport the telltale yellow desert coats. Mature coyotes may reach a weight of about fifty pounds and may grow as tall as forty inches. They are known for their considerable agility and speed-which may reach up to forty miles per hour.
Size: 40-46" in length, 24-36" tall

Weight: 19-25 lbs.

Diet: Primarily a carnivore, hunting and eating mostly small prey: rabbits, rodents, birds, amphibians, lizards, snakes, fish, crustaceans and insects and occasionally larger prey including elk, sheep and deer. Also carrion and some plant material: fruits and grasses.

Range: U.S. west of Appalachians including Alaska, south and west Canada and Central America

Habitat: Extremely diverse. Found in plains, mountains, desert, broken forests and tropics.

Life Span: 14-16 yrs.

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