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Black Widow It was on my bedroom window, but I saw it before sleeping. Geotagged,Latrodectus hesperus,Latrodectus mactans,Mexico,Southern black widow,Western black widow spider Click/tap to enlarge Country intro

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''Latrodectus mactans'', the Southern black widow, is a highly venomous species of spider in the genus ''Latrodectus''. They are well known for the distinctive black and red coloring of the female of the species and for the fact that she will occasionally eat her mate after reproduction. The species is native to the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. The venom is seldom fatal to healthy humans, and less than one percent of bitten people die.

Similar species: Spiders
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Uploaded Jan 3, 2019. Captured in Unnamed Road, Michoacán, Mexico.