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Geoffroys_Tamarin OMD-EM1 MKll Geoffroys tamarin,Saguinus geoffroyi Click/tap to enlarge Promoted



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  1. Wow! What an impressive shot! Thank you for sharing this with us! <3 Posted one year ago
  2. Geoffroy's tamarin is also known as the Panamanian, red-crested or rufous-naped tamarin.This small monkey is found in Panama and Colombia. It is predominantly black and white, with a reddish nape. These two were taking turns picking nits of one another. Posted one year ago
    1. Really cool and funny shot, well done!

      Giving you a quick tip: you're now posting the description of the photo in a comment, but we have a dedicated field for it. Please find the yellow "Edit details" button below the photo. From there you can edit the photo's title, description and tags.

      Hope this helps.
      Posted one year ago
  3. Thank you!! Posted one year ago
  4. Very cool shot! Posted one year ago
  5. Very nice spotting! Welcome to JD! :-) Posted one year ago
  6. Love the ears! Posted one year ago
  7. From today's JungleDragon Facebook post: "
    The Geoffroy's Tamarin (Saguinus geoffroyi), also known as the Rufous-Naped Tamarin, is the smallest monkey in Central America, measuring 20-29 cm in length and weighing in at 450 grams (just under one pound) at its maximum! It is distributed from the Rio Atrato area of Northern Colombia to the Pacific coast side of Colombia (in the Coto Region) and is the only Callithricid with a range extending as far north as Costa Rica from South America.

    It has a preference for secondary growth forests and forest edges--or areas associated with slash and burn agriculture which have had time to regenerate for several decades. Taking cover in densely foliated canopies, it rarely descends to ground level and generally avoids open areas of the forest. Foraging for fruit, insects, small prey, and other plant material is carried out in the middle and lower canopies of forests.

    The Geoffroy's Tamarin is a diurnal species, so most of its activities are carried out during daylight hours. It can be found in social groups of 2-20 individuals. These "troops" engage in polyandry, a dominant social structure within the Callitrichidae family of monkeys in which multiple males mate with one female. Nearly all litters are born twins, and extramaternal care of infant tamarins is provided by both adult males and other family members.

    {Spotted in Panama by JungleDragon user, ehsarren} #JungleDragon
    Posted one year ago, modified one year ago

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Geoffroy's tamarin , also known as the Panamanian, red-crested or rufous-naped tamarin, is a tamarin, a type of small monkey, found in Panama and Colombia. It is predominantly black and white, with a reddish nape. Diurnal, Geoffroy's tamarin spends most of its time in trees, but does come down to the ground occasionally. It lives in groups that most often number between three and five individuals, and generally include one or more adults of each gender. It eats a variety of foods, including insects,.. more

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Uploaded Dec 19, 2018. Captured Nov 24, 2017 13:34.
  • E-M1
  • f/8.0
  • 1/1250s
  • ISO2500
  • 210mm