Embed Acanthosomatidae - relative sizes and characters

Acanthosomatidae - relative sizes and characters While sifting through my images of Pentatomoidea I decided to make a new version of this old collage:
It shows representatives of the main genera of Acanthosomatidae in Europe, side by side and resized to illustrate their relative size difference as well as some helpful characters indicated:
Blue: Length of 1st antenna segment relative to head
Red: Relative width of base of pronotum and scutellum
Green: Base of pronotum/scutellum much more strongly arched on Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale vs Elasmostethus interstinctus
Yellow: Scutellum more densely punctured on Elasmostethus interstinctus vs Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale

Other helpful characters include the red/black banded abdomen under the wing membrane on Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale vs all black on Elasmostethus interstinctus and the dark lateral triangles in the membranes of Elasmostethus interstinctus vs all clear membranes on Acanthosoma.
Here is some more help on Elasmostethus and Acanthosoma:

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