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Panorpa alpina ID help No-language ID help for Panorpa alpina:

Blue: The subcosta (Sc) is short and fuses with the costa (front of the wing) about halfway between shoulder and pterostigma. This is the character that is/was generally used to separate Aulops from Panorpa if the genus Aulops is given a status aparte. On Panorpa s.str. the subcosta runs all the way to the pterostigma.

Red: A small cross vein just before the pterostigma, about in the same place where the subcosta would end on Panorpa s.str.

Green: A distinctive black spot directly at the apex of the pterostigma. This is one of the very first markings to appear, even on very lightly marked specimen, so it will almost always be visible but for the truly "unmarked" specimen.

Here is a visually nicer picture with the same characters indicated as English text:

Additionally helpful can be that the species is usually quite a bit "paler" than the other Panorpa spp and that the male normally carries the genital bulb (tail calipers) curled up quite a bit further than the other species, as can be seen here:
Note how the hypovalves - officially a "ventral" structure, but carried curled up to a dorsal position on most species - are curled up even further and end up facing forward or even slightly downward again.

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